Announcement: This blog/website unavailable on Friday 22 Dec 06

Please take note that internet access to this site will not be available on Friday 22 Dec 2006.

I have just received notice from Tenaga that there will be a shut down of electric power to enable replacement of electric cables in my neighborhood. Obviously, my computer will be without electricity and this site will be down since it is hosted in my home-server. It may not be that bad. Something must be wrong if I find myself hovering over the computer trying to type some feeble thoughts when I should be celebrating God’s grace and goodness during this Christmas season

Trust Tenaga to choose a festive time to do its work – I can imagine what a nightmare it will be for my minister of home affairs with the spectre of all the wonderful food stocked in the fridge for Christmas dinner perishing. I am tempted to announce that Tenaga people are not welcomed to my Christmas dinner, but wouldn’t that be contrary to the spirit of Christmas?