Collated Resources: Christians from pre-Islam Arab Christians to Bumiputera Christians have the Right to Use Allah

Christians have offered well-documented evidence and cogent arguments to refute the claim that only (Malaysian) Muslims have the right to use the word Allah. However, the dogmatic assertions (notwithstanding the ‘scholarly garb’) from Muslim scholars in the current flare-up suggest that they have either chosen to ignore the evidence or are simple unable to follow an argument outside their logical Procrustean bed. Undoubtedly, their closed mindedness arises because they learned how to use Arabic without reflecting, much less analyzing the linguistic determinants behind Arabic.

I would like to invite readers who are new to the controversy to read some of my early articles given in the list below:

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10 Jan 2013 – ‘Allah’ is Substitute for Hebrew Words el, eloah, and not for English Word ‘God’

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13 Sept 2013 – Pengharaman Penggunaan “Allah”: Perdebatan Teologi dan Hegemoni Ideologi

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25 Nov 2017 – DBP Translating the Malay Bible? CLJ Needs to Get the Historical Facts Right!

Finally, a bonus article on the essential difference between Biblical and Quranic revelation:

8 Aug 2012 – Speech Act Revelation: Bible and Quran





9 thoughts on “Collated Resources: Christians from pre-Islam Arab Christians to Bumiputera Christians have the Right to Use Allah”

  1. Dear Dr Ng,

    Thank you for your good and noble work (synergism – left-hand kingdom) on behalf of the Truth *who* sets us free (monergism – right-hand kingdom).

    This cause is not just a matter of the defence of the Church as the right-hand kingdom of God but also the Church as an earthly institution alongside other institutions ordained by God for the preservation and continuance of this old creation. Indeed, the issue of Allah also involves preservation of the social order which finds its concrete contextualisation in Malaysia – maintenance of inter-faith and inter-ethnic relations, promotion of national harmony, community cohesion, etc. etc.

    In other words, for the good of HUMANITY.

  2. The peace solution is for the government to stop politicising the word, “Allah” … to leave Christians (and Malaysians of other faiths) alone to profess and practice their religion … to end Islamisation which trajectory is difficult to predict … which “unintended consequences” may proved difficult to be managed in the future … the facts all around are for all to see —if only we are willing to see …

  3. I just don’t understand why Christians insist on using Allah in the Bahasa Melayu Bibles. Is the Christian Community lacking in the Names of GOD(Yehuah)?

    Simple solution : USe what the Jews,the prophets of the Old Testament & Yesua (JESUS CHRIST ) used.

  4. Dear Peter,

    May I advise you to indulge in one or two articles on this site before making a seemingly ignorant remark on the issue? 🙂

    I’ll provide an analogy to answer your question:
    What do you feel if you, Peter (if that is your real name) is compelled by others to change your name to Batu (Peter = rock, in Greek) today?

    It’s not about the lack of words. We have been using “Allah” in the Malay translations of the Bible for hundreds of years.


  5. Dear “peter” and ashraf munim,

    The Church has presented clear logical evidence to the government & judiciary time and time again but what the judiciary and govt seems to ignore the facts which is so obvious.Why the judges in the previous court proceedings can just use flawed internet research and make judgement? Is this fair to both parties or a one sided judgement?

    Even islamic religious scholars from around the world say it is flawed. Why the difference in opinion between Malaysian religious scholars and the world?

    Christians especially Sabah & Sarawak have been using the word for centuries for their personal worship without any issues. Why make accusations it is wrong translation? Why say the use it to convert people?
    Most of the so called non- christian experts have never been to church, let it be even join the bahasa/iban congregation due to their personal fears and prejudices. Do non-christians have the right to question christian holly books? Why the double standards if we were to question another religion than ours? Unless there is another agenda towards the Christians?

    Ask yourselves who started all this fiasco in the first place? Why the NGOs and government must act irrationally and Christians? This seem some form of persecution.

    The fact that Christians and Jews also use the word in the middle East without issues. Again why ignore this fact ?
    why must Christians and other minorities compromise for a “peaceful solution”, infact Christians have been peaceful and compromising in all discussions. Do you see any christian NGOs’ intimidating people?

    Peaceful solution must be reasonable to all parties and fair to all parties .

  6. In my view the Christians ought not to go this far to argue for the use of the word”Allah” to describe their deity which is Yahweh or Jehovah (the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob and not the God of Ishmael). It is clear that Allah the chief god of Kaaaba was described as the Lord of Mecca.. the malasian government and judiciary are honest and sincere in their endeavor to demonstrate that Allah is different and separate from Jehovah. is the Quran a redaction of the Judea-Christian Bible.

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