Kairos Forum: Constitutional Conflict and Ethics in Current Malaysian Politics


TIME: 8.30PM – 10.30PM


PROF. DR. SHAD FARUQI University Teknologi MARA; Author of Document of Destiny: The Constitution of the Federation of Malaysia (2008) (Star Publications)

MR. PHILIP T.N. KOH Co-editor of Sheridan & Groves, The Constitution of Malaysia, 5th Ed (2008)( MLJ) and  Co-Counsel in The Tun Mustapha v Tun Adnan Roberts & Dato Pairin Sabah cases in 1985.

DR. NG KAM WENG Research Director, Kairos Research Centre

CHAIRMAN:MR. M. SELVEINDRAN Chairman, Kairos Research Centre

The unfolding Perak Constitutional Crisis and political events following the March 8, 2008 General Elections have raised some difficult challenges to democratic governance in Malaysia. Some of the contentious issues that have gained prominence include the following:

* How should the Federal and State Constitutions be interpreted in the context of the present political conflict?
* What is the scope of the Sultan’s discretionary power to appoint or dismiss members of the State Executive Council?
* What are the moral and legal issues arising from party hopping?

Resolving the present Constitutional conflict will require an informed judgment that takes into account legal precedents both in Malaysia and in the Commonwealth. The purpose of this Forum is to provide a legal, political and ethical context to evaluate the plurality of views that have been expressed in the media.

The Forum will also provide theological and moral resources for Christians seeking to be responsible citizens who can engage realistically with the moral issues arising from the present political conflict.

Who Should Attend?
Pastors, church leaders, youth leaders and all concerned citizens who desire to gain an understanding of the vital issues that impact our nation.

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  1. Dear Sirs,
    I am presently a student at the Ridley Hall Theological Colllege, Cambridge, UK. [BA Christian Theology] I recently bought Dr Ng’s book:The Quest For Convenant Community and share many of his views. As I am still very much at the infant stages of study, I would like to research into this particular subject with special emphasis in the field of your forum, Constutional Conflict and Ethics in M’sia. As such I would appreciate if I may obtain you the transcripts of the event and if it is possible for you to email to me.

    Thank you very much.
    Felicia Chan

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