Support for Homosexuality Logically Leads to Support for Polygamy

It is fun to read satire, but I usually avoid sharing links to satirical websites as many internet readers are too lazy to follow through with a few additional ‘clicks’ on the menu to double check the background info needed to ferret out genuine from mischievous satirical websites.
Remember, the Devil once tempted the Lord with the opening remark, “It is written.” Nowadays, he has a temptation-software-upgrade – “It is written in the Internet.”
But the ironic observation of Babylon Bee (a satirical website) is right on target about the biblical view of marriage and family of the Nashville Statement:

“It [The Nashville Statement] says some really controversial stuff for Bible-believing Christians, like that God made Adam and Eve as (trigger warning) male and female, that marriage was created by God to be the union between one man and one woman, that He loves people with gender dysphoria and same-sex attraction even if He doesn’t approve of all of their actions, and that He offers His grace and mercy to sinners of all stripes.”– The Bee Explains: What Is The Nashville Statement?
Babylon Bee also executes a good example of refutation by reduction ad absurdum by taking the logic of Liberal Christianity’s support for homosexual union to its logical conclusion – support also polygamy and polyamorous relationships – Liberal Christians Figure They’ll Go Ahead And Accept Polygamy As Well
If you want to know what contemporary Liberal Christianity (spiced up with postmodern identity-construction) offers as an alternative view of the biblical vision of marriage affirmed by the Nashville Statement, go to, Christians United Statement in support of LGBT+ Inclusion inclusion in the Church.
Note some of its forceful denials:
(1) WE DENY any teaching that suggests God’s creative intent is limited to a gender binary or that God’s desire for human romantic relationships is only to be expressed in heterosexual relationships between one man and one woman.
(2) WE DENY that God intended human romantic relationships to be limited to one man and one woman and declare that any attempts to limit the sacred or civil rights of humans to covenant and commit to love and serve one another is an affront to God’s created design.
(3) WE DENY that Christ rejects anyone from his loving embrace because of their sexuality or gender identity. We likewise deny that homosexuality, bisexuality, queer sexuality, trans* identity, asexuality, or any other queer identity is sinful, distorted, or outside of God’s created intent. ​
Note some of the signatories – Dr. Jeffrey Kuan, Rev. Steve Chalke, Dr. Daniel Kirk.
Brian McClaren passionately disagrees with the Nashville Statement and supports homosexual activism – Why I Applaud (and Fervently Deny) the Nashville Statement.
Scot McKnight and Preston Sprinkle are two theologians who have expressed reservations about the Nashville Statement:
Read Steve Hays’s rebuttal of McKnight and Sprinkle at Triablogue: Gnashing on the Nashville statement 

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  1. I think the most challenging lowest denominator for me is when a Bible believing Christian says “when I read the Bible sincerely I find a God who accepts same sex marriage but of course it must be monogamous and there should be no infidelity in that marriage (such infidelity would be a sin). I also accept accountability for all other sins including pre-marital sex”. My challenge is even though I disagree with this brother or sister on his/her view of same sex marriage, should I accept him/her into the fellowship of the church and the Lord’s table? Tough one for me.

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