Big Tech Wants Your Money and Turn Your Heart From God

The big news today is not that Big Tech (Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon) permanently bans President Trump. As outsiders, we don’t have to wring our hands over American politics. The big news is that Google has just banned Parler from its Play Store and Apple threatens the same action, citing infringement of its “robust” moderation policies.

The issue is bigger than Trump and American politics. The issue is about free speech (free speech of religion in particular) being suffocated by Big Tech. Big Tech aggressively promotes Woke Ideology (Intersectionality of activism for LGBT, Abortion, Racism, victim’s justice, etc.) while it increasingly censors, polices, blocks and cancels users who question the values and radical agenda of the Woke Movement. Big Tech Brother does not need to imprison you. It just makes sure that you will eventually be able to receive only one set of ‘news’ and (godless) views. I suspect that Big Tech’s ban on Parler is an attempt to nip in the bud a potential competitor to its technological and ideological monopoly. Some well-known Christian bloggers have already reported that Big Tech blocks their posts which are critical of LGBT issues. You should be worried. This is only the beginning.

It is important that we look beyond all the political chaos and cacophony in the West and discern the spiritual warfare waged by the principalities and powers. In reality, the ascendancy of Woke Culture in the West is just part of an ongoing rebellion against God which began in the 1960s. The activists of Woke ideology are effectively prosecuting a culture war against the Church and Christian faith under the guise of fighting for social justice (which in itself is a valid biblical responsibility).

I have been mulling for some time whether I should join the Tech Resistance by switching to Parler. Parler has been gaining popularity among users who are reject Woke ideology. Of course, you may face difficulties downloading the app form Google or Apple but you can download and install the app from its website.

However, I found this instructions, although I have not yet done it.
Direct download the apk file. A simple search for “parler apk” will allow you to download the executable file. It’s like double clicking an install file you downloaded on your pc. You have no need for Play Store. Some of us should consider sharing our expertise in rooting android so that we can bypass all the restrictions imposed by Google.

Also keep in mind “Telegram” as an alternative to Whatsapp, and DuckDuckGo as an alternative to Google search engine?

Realistically, the transition will be both drastic and traumatic and will take some time, that is, we continue to use Big Tech/Big Brother’s poisoned gift until we gained critical mass for the alternatives.

Am I an alarmist, a fundamentalist ‘conspiracy maniac’?

Any Takers considering joining the Tech Resistance?

** This post is a Retro from my Facebook (9 Jan 2021) which will be closed in due time.

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2 thoughts on “Big Tech Wants Your Money and Turn Your Heart From God”

  1. Actually, I just managed to install and register with Parler, despite having read from some American users that they were unable to download and install Parler. Maybe the ban has not been globally applied? To be fair, the ban = suspension could turn out to be temporary. Big Tech may be hoping that a slap would be enough to force Parer to temp down its users?

    The irony is that I registered with Twitter many years ago because I needed to transmit updated news feed to help some protestors who were seeking to evade the police during the Bersih demonstrations. After that I never used Twitter & never followed any “influencer.” I have no intention nor desire to follow anyone but Jesus Christ. However, I have just signed up with Parler as a gesture of authenticity when I ask people to consider supporting alternatives to current Big Tech platforms.

    Also signed up for Telegram and Signal.

    Question: What would be a good alternative to Facebook.

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