Can These be the Four Horsemen? Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple?

Welcome to the New Internet Order under the regime of Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple–The Four Horsemen?

Look at frightening power wielded by these Four Horsemen as they gang up to destroy a new kid on the block – Parler! They can even cut off the media platform of a sitting President with impunity? The issue is not Trump (elected Presidents come and go, but the dignity of the President Office is at stake). Put in perspective, our concern is not American politics, but the awesome power of the Four Horsemen. At the moment they are going after Conservatives (Christians and others), one day they will be coming for you – surely WhatsApp users will agree?

Side note – Twitter does not qualify in joining the Four (which will force me to switch to Dispensational hermeneutics to increase the number to match the 10 horns, just to appear relevant and insightful.😃😄

Twitter enjoyed wide publicity only because Trump is (was) its chief user. Twitter’s partnership with other Big Tech actors in destroying Trump is actually a kamikaze mission. For Twitter, destroying Trump is destroying the goose that lays its golden eggs.

Sadly, I shall be switching platform, from WhatsApp to either Signal (for important private messaging) and Telegram (general communication and group chats). Also trying to find an alternative to Facebook. The duration of the transition depends on how much we manage to find out about FB data mining activities and how soon we are able to find a viable alternatives.

We also have to consider the pros and cons of staying on with FB. If all the conservative Christians run to an alternative platform, we may end up with our own echo chamber. There is a case for some of us to stay on in the wicked New Internet Order so that we can continue to track the pulse of the world, to allow one’s views to be challenged by people of different views and to witness as faithful Christians. But staying on would mean letting FB continue scanning our personal data and profiling us digitally for its commercial purposes etc? Is the price worth it?  Still pondering…

The irony is that Parler is not strictly a conservative platform. It just believes in hosting uncensored free speech & it so happens that nowadays it is only the Christians and conservatives who believe in free speech. The good old classical liberals have gone extinct. The new liberal pretenders including so-called social justice and cancel culture warriors believe only they have the right to free speech. Amazingly, the once great champion of fundamental liberties (American Civil Liberties Union) has remained silent throughout this troubling saga. Note: For an insight into the ideology of the Big Tech suppression of free speech, read Alexander Macris, Repressive Tolerance in Action For some of us who remember the university students rebellion in 1968. These rebels have taken control of many US institutions.

The attempt by Big Tech to restrict free speech in the Internet (with a wink of the eye by Democrats who now control the Presidency, the Senate and the House) will cause the Pilgrim Fathers to turn in their graves – The Land of the Free set up by believers fleeing from persecution in the Old World; the City set on a hill is on the path towards big authoritarian government.

** This post was originally posted in my Facebook (11 Jan 2021) which will be closed in due time.

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