Kairos Forum on Genesis, Adam and Evolution: Recordings

Kairos Forum on Genesis, Adam and Evolution
Date of Forum: 20th Oct 2018

Are the Genesis creation days 24 hours long or ages of time? How do we read the Book of Genesis in its literary context? Was Adam a historical figure? How do Christians who are committed to the historical reliability and infallible authority of Scripture answer these questions in the light of contemporary science?

Session 1/3
Dr Living Lee “A Theistic Approach to Geology, Evolution and Fossil Evidence”

Dr. Living Lee, formerly professor of geology offers a robust understanding of the earth as an ancient creation based on his expert knowledge of the latest developments in the science of geology.

Session 2/3
Dr.Leong Tien Fock, “Genesis 1-3: Hermeneutical & Theological Consideration”

Second of three talks delivered at Kairos Forum on Genesis, Adam & Evolution – 20 Oct 2018.Dr. Lee Tien Fock, an expert in Ancient Near Eastern Languages and Cultures demonstrates how one may read the Book of Genesis as a reliable historical narrative which takes into account its literary context and modern scientific concerns.

Session 3/3
Dr. Ng Kam Weng, “Who Was Adam? Scientific & Theological Perspectives.”

Dr. Ng Kam Weng, research theologian at the Kairos Research Centre (Malaysia) proposes an interpretation of Genesis which integrates the findings of modern genetics and paleoanthropology in an honest and informed way, and affirms the orthodox Christian teaching of the historical Adam.

* The full video recording of the three sessions will be uploaded in the future.

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